The Internet is the world's largest and most widely accessed computer network. As a rapidly growing global center of commerce, information and communication, the Internet is a collection of interconnected human and computer resources.  Millions of people in over 110 countries connect on the Internet to conduct business, send e-mail, purchase goods and services, transfer data, exchange information quickly and easily, and participate in special interest news groups. As the communications bandwidth of the Internet increases, the Internet can help businesses to grow and to form a closer bond with their customers.


A low, flat monthly fee provides unlimited access for personal and business dial-up accounts. Rainbow Data, Inc. also offers dedicated access on T-1 or fractional T-1 frame relay connections at competitive rates.




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E-commerce is simply any electronic means that allows for business transactions. The internet is a   mechanism that allows you to extend what you do to the world to make business happen. Rainbow Data can help you extend your reach!

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